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Nexway eco-calculator

Downloadable games are greener, reckons digital distributor, and has just the thing to prove it.

London, UK - June 4th, 2009 - Nexway, the European leader of digital distribution of software and video games, launches an online eco-calculator allowing consumers to assess the amount of CO2 released from downloaded products in comparison to the purchase of those products in stores.

By definition, downloading is the ecological solution for the distribution of cultural content (software, video games, music, VOD, etc) and has many advantages for publishers, content providers and customers:

• Clean & dematerialized digital content

• No product storage, handling, packaging and costs linked to these activities

• Speed

• Security

• No transportation

In comparison, the in-store physical distribution of cultural products requires heavy logistics with important costs and includes significant levels of pollution (CO2) at all stages of the process. Nexway has integrated the environmental dimension from the beginning of its business plan in order to preserve the planet. By removing transportation and/or buyers’ travels, Nexway helps reduce CO2 emissions.

The website, created by Nexway, offers the possibility to calculate one’s own emissions online through a product download and compare its equivalent to various means of transportation (car, tram, plane, etc.).

“Changes in the consumption of online digital goods are inevitable” says Gilles Ridel, CEO of Nexway. “We work with software and video games publishers, who sell on their websites or on e–merchant’s websites. For example, we have distributed over one million products last year. Simply put, this represented a million less journeys. The maths is quickly done to reflect the amount of CO2 preserved: downloading is a positive gesture for the planet.”

The partnership with the research and training institute Ecoeff allowed Nexway to achieve the Product Environmental Profile (PEP) of downloads and demonstrate the CO2-savings while downloading a software or a video game. Nexway has understood the challenges of implementing a more environmentally-respectful IT strategy and wishes to increase the awareness of buyers with the launch of this online eco-calculator.

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Example of the Nexway eco-calculator:

About Nexway :

Nexway is a leading player in the digital e-commerce sector and a strategic partner of worldwide digital content publishers and international e-commerce portals. It has grown rapidly through strong and diversified partnerships with leading companies, including: 01net, Dell, Fnac, Orange, Gamestop, Pixmania, VirginMega, ElCorteIngles, Tom’sGuide, Softwareload; key software publishers, such as: Avanquest, Kaspersky, Lavasoft, Mindscape, and Nero; and video-games publishers, including: EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Sega, Atari and Take 2. Nexway is a leading provider of turnkey e-commerce solutions dedicated to e-content publishers and major Internet players. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge titles to consumers through its broad portfolio of exciting software and video games, enriched by its acquisition of Boonty in January 2009 ( Nexway has teams in 12 countries and distributes software and video-games for download in more than 50 countries around the globe. In 2008, Nexway reached the million download milestone, ranked in the Top 10 of Deloitte Technology’s 2008 Fast 50, and in the Top 100 of EMEA’s Fast 500 of the fastest growing technology companies. To learn more, please visit

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