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Newzoo: 43% of Brazil's game users spend money on titles

Report also says that with a player base of 101 million, the country is the fifth largest for active users globally

A new report from Newzoo says that 43% of Brazilian game consumers spend money on the titles they play.

The motivations for spending were listed as unlocking extra content, personalizing characters, an easier gaming experience, playing with friends or family, and accessing a subscription.

Source: Newzoo

Accessing additional content was the number one reason as to why consumers would spend money on games.

Newzoo also said in terms of global consumer generated game revenue, Brazil’s is the tenth largest market.

The research firm said that the country has amassed $2.7 billion in player spending.

Additionally, the report said that Brazil ranks fifth in the world for active game players. The country has a player base of 101 million users.

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