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New Moon Games

New outsourcing company aims to get it right.

The core team at New Moon Games includes games industry professionals with a combined experience of almost twenty years in top-level art production whose credits include some of the biggest console titles of the last ten years. All have established reputations for producing high quality, next-gen game environments - with an eye on performance as well as visual flair.

“We’ve been planning the company for a few years now but for one reason or another the timing wasn’t right, we had this growing list of really talented people we wanted to work with and it’s finally come together over the last 6 months” said Andy Nye, Managing Director at New Moon Games.

“Outsourcing has been in danger of getting a bad reputation and we’ve set out to show that it does work when you get the right team. We’re highly productive but nothing ever gets churned out. Some companies have an almost factory production-line mentality, which we don’t think is any way to produce what is, after all, artwork.”

New Moon Games have just launched their new website containing portfolio work along with in-development previews at and you can also follow them on twitter: @newmoongames.

Contact: Andy Nye at 07595 905184 –  

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