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New Chillingo title is fastest-selling App Store game ever

Angry Birds publisher shifts 1m copies of Cut The Rope in ten days

Angry Birds publisher Chillingo has claimed one million sales of its new iOS title Cut The Rope within ten days of launch.

This apparently makes the physics-based puzzle game the fastest-selling App Store title so far.

The 99c title is currently the number one paid game on the App Store in multiple territories, including the US, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and many more.

"Cut the Rope's popularity has skyrocketed throughout recent days as fans eagerly share with others how addictive and fun the gameplay is on iOS devices," explains Chris Byatte, director of Chillingo.

"We are thrilled to see Om Nom's fame spread across the world and are collaborating with Developer, ZeptoLab to bring fresh new updates, which will be revealed soon." A $1.99 iPad version and free 'lite' edition is also available. Both of these have also topped their respective charts.

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