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Neverland Online

500 in-game novice packs being given away at

Alltern8 (, the world’s first consumer driven industry dedicated online publication, community and resource site, announced that for two weeks only beginning Friday, November 13th, gamers have the opportunity to win 500 exclusive in-game novice packs for Neverland Online, one of the most eagerly awaited MMORPG titles.

For immediate release

To kick off the exciting second phase of open beta testing for Neverland Online, Oak Pacific Interactive and are teaming up to give away 500 Novice Packs from November13-27.

Valued at $12 USD, each Novice Pack contains exclusive in game items that help players and in-game pets level up faster.

Each Novice Pack contains:

Platinum Amulet*1 (Lv 8)

Double-exp Remedy (Rank 4)*2 (Lv 13)

Pets' Talent Remedy (Lower level)*10 (Lv 18)

Pets' double exp Remedy*2 (Lv 23)

Pet exp Book*1 (Lv 28)

Skill Proficiency Double Remedy (Rank 5)*3 (Lv 33)

Uncommon Pet Elixir (Rank 4)*5 (Lv 38)

HP Remedy around 500*10, MP Remedy around 500*10 (Lv 1)

Talent Remedy (Mid Lv)*5 (Lv 18)

HP Crystal (Small), MP Crystal (Small) (Lv 23)

MP Essence Chest (Lv 28)

HP Essence Chest (Lv 33)

Pet Life Crystal (Lv 38)

Note: Each item can be used at the level indicated in parentheses.

How to claim your Novice Pack

1. After you obtain a Novice Pack code from Alltern8, if you don’t have a Neverland Online account, register for one at

2. Enter your username, password and Novice Pack code at the exchange screen ( Click “Submit”.

3. If the information you enter is valid, a message will appear to inform you.

4. Log in to Neverland Online and locate Uncle Gift in Prosper Square or Moon Town and talk to him to claim your Novice Pack (click on “Event reward”).

About Neverland Online

Neverland Online, the hugely popular free-to-play browser-based MMORPG developed by China’s Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI), recently became accessible to players in North America and Europe, when an English-language version entered open beta testing on October 15. Neverland Online currently has 10,000 registered players.

About OPI

Founded in 2006, the OPI Game Centre has developed a series of outstanding Chinese-language browser-based games, including the hugely popular Cat Tales (2006); the 2D MMORPG Neverland Online (2008); Three Kingdoms Warrior, based on a well-known Chinese historical myth; and the Western fantasy Empire Craft, which had over four million registered players within a half year of its launch with an English-language version of Empire Craft is now available.

The OPI Game Centre ( is part of Oak Pacific Interactive, a leading Internet group based in Beijing, China, that provides Web 2.0 services, including online entertainment, communication and gaming. As an advocate of the Web 2.0 revolution, Oak Pacific Interactive is dedicated to bringing revolutionary changes to online communication and entertainment in the Chinese Internet industry.


UK based Alltern8 ( is a consumer driven combination of online publication, community and resource site that focuses on 8 core areas all inter-linked to the Arts, Design, Game Development and RPG. offers the creative talent of the people involved in these and other arts based hobbies a platform to demonstrate and share their skills and talent and already is fast becoming known for its supporting role with regards to these up and coming bright stars of various area interests. has already created one of the clearest communication solutions for one of the largest niche hobby areas in the world, offering the first truly useful networking & talent nurturing tool in an industry created by communities of likeminded people.

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