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NCsoft Releases Massive Update to Acclaimed Lineage II Online Game

Players can adventure underwater or spend time gambling at races as player-versus-player game adds new zones, monsters and features

Wednesday 8 December 2004/... NCsoft Corporation® (KSE: 036570.KS), the world's leading developer and publisher of online computer games, today announced the release of an extensive expansion to Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle, a massively multiplayer online game that was recently named the best role-playing game of 2004 by Scripps Howard News Service. The expansion, Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor, includes more than 500 megabytes of new features adding three new zones, wondrous underwater areas, rideable mounts, new monsters, items and spells as well as an in-game gambling system consisting of a racetrack, throwing dice and a lottery.

The update is free to all Lineage II subscribers via automatic download.

Lineage II, which has a worldwide following among player-versus-player fans, is noted for the exceptional beauty of its 3D environments. With the release of Chronicle 2, players will experience more adventures with fantastic scenery inhabited by an array of challenging new monsters. The three new game environments include Innadril, an aquatic area with the breathtaking floating city of Heine and a new castle available for players to siege. The Giran region is where Devil's Isle can be found. Those players who venture into Devil's Isle may run into the swashbuckling pirate vampire, Zaken. Also, in the Aden region, the Tower of Insolence is where the giant beast, Baium, calls home. Players must coordinate their efforts in groups and fight their way to the top of this massive tower, where the showdown with Baium takes place.

The stunning underwater regions included in Chronicle 2 will provide a matchless challenge for players as the waters are home to a variety of creatures, including stinging jellyfish and hungry sharks that can cause no end of mayhem to those who enter the depths. In these regions, players can swim through and explore new and existing bodies of water, where underwater pathways and chambers lead to new quests and challenges.

To take a break from castle sieges and battling monsters, Chronicle 2 introduces a full-scale gambling system that is unique to the online gaming industry. The gambling system includes a race track that, instead of horses, has various monsters racing against each other. Players can wager in-game money called "adena" on the monster they think will win. Dice games are now available, and a regularly scheduled lottery will take place where players buy a ticket, pick numbers and hope they win a pot of adena.

"The depth of this game is staggering and it should be a treat to our fans who consider themselves the elite player-versus-player gamers," said Aaron Rigby, NCsoft's producer for Lineage II in North America. "This is a gigantic expansion of the game which, along with the new zones, castle and gambling, includes 18 new quests, 83 new raid monsters, enhancements to clan halls, new weapons, spells and countless improvements to player quality of life. What we've added to Chronicle 2 provides players with a very rich, deep experience that makes for a fun online adventure."

Lineage II was released in Europe in November and has an official recommended price of £29.99 / €44.99. Monthly subscriptions are £8.99 / €12.99 with discounts available for three-months £23.99 / €34.99 and six-months £44.99 / €64.99. The Lineage II Time Cards will be available during December and offer 60 days of play for an official recommended price of £17.99 / €25.99.

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