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Naumachia: Space Warfare

Video released of tactical sci-fi battle game from Italy.

AureaSection (, an Italian independent videogame developer, is proud to announce the release of a new video of the internal beta stage of development of "Naumachia: Space Warfare".

The video can be viewed on Youtube here:

More details in our news here: or via ModDB:

Naumachia: Space Warfare main features are:

Fighter simulation: players can pilot fighters of various classes, engage in dogfights and lead AI wingmen. Capital Ship simulation: it's possible manage the ship and its crew, send engineers to repair turrets or damaged engines, engage other capital ships while offering a support to the units under control as well as to the allied forces. Tactical simulation: players willing to focus only on a wider view of the battlefield can deploy the assigned units and issue orders to them with more control than those players choosing to give their best commanding a vessel, like in a real time strategy game. Rank system: players will get access to more advanced hardware and AI units. Newtonian physics: directional and primary engines work for real, their disposition affects fighter movement; fully equipped ships weight more and are less agile than the same craft with a lighter setup and more. Ship customization: several selectable weapons, armors, engines, avionics, counter-measures and more. Three different factions. Lightweight proprietary game engine.

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