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Namco Releases “Tales of Legendia” Backstory Assets

The renowned Tales of series comes to the PlayStation® 2 with the extraordinary depth of an RPG and the furiously fast real-time battles of an authentic fighting game.

About the backstory:

Senel and Shirley find themselves shipwrecked on an ancient ship called the Legacy. It's a mysterious relic left over from an ancient civilization.

From the moment they arrive, it seems that various powers on the ship are trying to get their hands on Shirley. They call her "Merines," a legendary being that can control the ship with only the power of her mind.

Power corrupts, and seems to bring out the worst in people who would stop at nothing to control it. Shirley is kidnapped, and Senel tries desperately to save her, forming alliances with people he meets along the way in an effort to bring Shirley back to safety.

In this video, Senel and Will, the town historian and acting sheriff have set out on a journey to find Shirley. Along the way they meet Chloe, a brave knight who'll stop at nothing in pursuit of justice -- even if it means slicing people up on assumption, when all they intended to do was rescue a missing girl.

About "Tales of Legendia":

In development for several years, "Tales of Legendia®" offers fantastic 3D graphics, dynamic battle scenes and an emotionally-charged storyline. The game utilizes technology from Namco's renowned Soulcalibur® fighting game series, allowing players to battle huge monsters with a battle system that feels more like a fighting game using X-LiMBS, Namco's new Crossover Linear Motion Battle System.

The anime characters were designed by internationally renowned Japanese artist Kazuto Nakazawa, acclaimed for his amazing anime sequences in Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

"Tales of Legendia" is RP (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. For additional information on "Tales of Legendia," visit

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