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Myth War Announces A Grand Sale, Plus Tips For Repelling Monsters, Playing Dragonballs And Catching Crabs!


(Sunnyvale, CA - January 12, 2007) - Myth War Online announces a special sale this month! Most items in the Item Mall will be on sale. In addition, all players who buy 6000 or more points through Western Union will get an extra 300 points. If that isn't exciting enough, all players who buy more than 10000 points through Western Union in one month will be eligible to win a Grand Prize!

Having problems repelling monsters? Fear not! Myth War gives a few pointers for all players, newbie and experienced. Using a devil's tear repels monsters so you have more time to catch spirits. Remember that spirits respawn once every hour. Oh, and memorizing the spirit's location is useful.

Need a few tips for dragonballs? You can exchange two dragonballs for certain prizes; if you get all seven, you get a wish! Remember, to do this activity you must have a gem tracker. The activity starts Sundays and Saturdays at 3:00 P.M. on your server time. Only one dragonball will spawn at a time, and, unfortunately, most dragonballs that spawn are duds. You only have a dragonball if it appears in your inventory, so remember to keep space so that you can carry the dragonball. The event ends when four hours pass or when someone finds the seventh dragonball.

Crabcatching is another fun thing to do in Myth World. Remember that this event is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at various times; talk to Carnival by the Woodlingor tele for more specific information. Also remember that in order to catch crabs, you must have the highest number roll overall in the round you rolled in. Since most crabs spawn toward the center, remember to set your position towards the center and not to stray too far into the various sections. Some crabs are fake. If you have trouble catching a crab because of a clicking problem, just stop clicking for a bit and try to catch it with one quick click. A good idea is to not click directly on the crab if you're not in range to talk to it; try staying an inch or so away from it. Use F2 since some players try to block the crab breeder or even the crabs themselves. Oh, and above all else, stay calm!

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Myth War Online, developed by Unigium, is a beautifully illustrated isometric 2D fantasy MMORPG. It offers four races, over one hundred pets that can be trained, over 200 skill sets to learn, and vast tracts of unique lands to explore and adventure within the game. In keeping with the rich magical atmosphere within the game, players can even encounter characters who share incredible myths and legends that have the power to become true. For more details about Myth War Online, the official website is

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