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Morning's Wrath - Patch v1.3 Now Available

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games (www.etherealdarkness.com) has released a new patch for Morning's Wrath (www.morningswrath.com).

Patch v1.3 fixes several problems with the game:

  • Empty resolution list bug - version 1.0
  • Third floor, civilian rescue bug - version 1.1
  • Save file name validation - version 1.2
  • Watch-Word guard death resulting in crash - version 1.2
  • Various Graphics Adaptor fixes - version 1.2


  • Soft-Fading of walls based on distance
  • Dates and times displayed on game files
  • Quicksave and Quickload using the F5 and F9 keys
  • In-Game Console (via the ~ key) Warning: this is an advanced feature, use of the console can crash and/or corrupt the game. use at your own risk.
  • Graphical artifact on company logo fixed
  • Credits cinematic now runs faster

The patch can be found at URL http://morningswrath.com/index.php?c=patches_and_updates.html

A free download of the demo, desktop wallpaper, character profiles, and more are available on the Morning's Wrath website at http://www.morningswrath.com. Morning's Wrath is available for sale in electronic download version for $19.95 and $29.95 in CD format.

About Morning's Wrath:

Morning's Wrath is a Classical Adventure/RPG game for the PC platform. The emphasis is placed on a strong storyline and intellectually stimulating game play. Players guide the main character, Princess Morning, through a series of locales containing tasks that require the completion of puzzles and the use of 24 magic runes to create countless spells in facing a host of enemies.

Reviewer's all agree that Morning's Wrath is the Indie Game to get!

"Morning's Wrath proves that hell hath no fury like a princess betrayed'" - 7.4 - GameZone.com

"One of the best indie games we've seen in ages." - PCZone Gaming Magazine

"I'm loving every minute of it." - GrrlGamer.com

About EDI Games:

EDI Games is a independent developer headed by Raymond Jacobs. The company is based Northampton, Massachusetts. Their goal is to create Fun, Intellectually Stimulating and Engaging computer games under tight time and budget constraints. The EDI Games team is now busy working on their next game, which is targeted for early 2007.


For further information contact:

David Rodriguez (davidprodriguez@att.net)

Marketing Director

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games


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