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Moorhuhn titles

Moorhuhn: Atlantis and Moorhuhn: The Pharaoh's Treasure for DS to be distributed in Europe by JoWooD.

Vienna, Austria, November 13th 2008; Today, JoWooD Productions announces that the game titles “Moorhuhn: Atlantis” and “Moorhuhn: The Pharaoh’s Treasure” will be distributed by the JoWooD Group in all European territories (apart from Germany, Austria and Switzerland). While you investigate the mysterious paths to an immense fortune in Moorhuhn: The Pharaoh’s Treasure, Moorhuhn: Atlantis takes you on a journey to the sunken city, telling the reasons of its decay!

Moorhuhn: Atlantis

About 12.000 years ago, the kingdom of Atlantis was a flourishing island and a top-notch holiday paradise without equal. Bright sunshine, warm and clear water, and an average temperature of +30 degree Celsius…. Until… the chickens a.k.a. Moorhühner invaded...

They came in swarms and savaged Atlantis like a locust infestation. Since the shotgun has not been invented yet, the islanders only saw one way out: to hide themselves and their endangered homeland from the annoying poultry in the depths of the ocean. After discovering a mysterious compass, Mr. Moorhuhn (the protagonist of the game) starts on an adventurous journey to locate the sunken kingdom and – literally - get to the bottom of the mystery of Atlantis’ disappearance.

Genre: Jump and Run

Platform: Nintendo DS™

Moorhuhn: The Pharaoh’s Treasure

This game is a superb collection of excellent adventure-themed mini games embedded into an exciting Match 3 (The player's goal is to match 3 or more identical objects on the playing board) story about the adventurer Moorhuhn on his way to Egypt to find the amazing treasure of an ancient pharaoh.

Follow clues from Moorhuhn’s office in his Scottish castle all the way down to Egypt and its pyramids. The clues have to be deciphered by playing Match 3 g ames and freeing the pictures on the Top Screen from the tiles blocking the view. During the course of the game and the progress in the story, the various mini games can be unlocked. They contribute to the main plot as they let the player advance within the given storyline.

The Mini Games:

• Flight to Egypt: Manoeuver Mr Moorhuhn’s trusty yellow airplane through serious weather conditions, and shoot incoming thunderclouds.

• Save Habib: Load and shoot a cannon at several targets with the stylus, but be sure not to hit Habib!

• Spot the difference: Become an art critic and find the differences between two pictures on the Touch Screen by utilising the stylus.

• Number Puzzle: Delete the numbers on the Touch Screen with the stylus, until only the ones remain which add up to the number displayed on the left side of the screen.

• Whack a Mummy: Hit the mummies creeping out of the holes with the stylus that are holding up the same signs as displayed on the Top Screen.

Genre: Minigame Compilation

Platform: Nintendo DS™


About JoWooD Productions Software AG

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