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Moore: EA Sports to appeal to casual gamers

Publisher exec says it needs to grow through new consumers or it will "lag behind"

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, had detailed the publisher's renewed focus on making its titles more accessible and appealing to the casual gamers at the BMO interactive entertainment conference.

"At times our games have been too hard… we need to make our titles much more approachable and accessible," Moore explained, highlighting products and labels like All Play and Freestyle.

"We're going to maintain our core relationships with our male consumer but our growth really is going to come from … looking after the new consumer on the Nintendo Wii with innovative experiences that they wouldn't expect from EA sports, looking at new brands like Freestyle, looking at the Wii with our All Play collection."

"We've got to captivate the masses," Moore added. "We're not blind to the fact that new consumers coming in are not necessarily hardcore sports fans that are looking for the experience we deliver with a Madden or a FIFA or with an NHL."

"Its incumbent upon us to be able to provide new experiences for that consumer or we're going to lag behind."

Moore specifically highlighted the development of EA Sports Active as broadly representative of the publisher's new approach.

"We're looking at health, wellness and fitness as being a core new platform," he said. "When I looked at the numbers for when we started to develop EA Sports Active, USD 4.3 billion is spent on home fitness … its brand new platform for Electronic Arts, huge opportunity for upside for us."

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