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Monumental celebrate 10 MMO licensees in one month

Nottingham, UK. 28 November 2007 - MMO middleware and online game developer Monumental Games have signed up 10 development teams to their Monumental Technology Suite in the first month of their new Prototype Licence.

Developers looking to tackle the daunting task of creating their own MMO have been turning to Monumental for assistance since the middleware provider launched its new Prototype Licence one month ago.

The Monumental Technology Suite, one of the world's leading MMO and Virtual World development platforms, is proving to be a great success as the company have signed up 10 new licensees in the first month of their new offering.

Selected from over 50 applicants the new licensees are using the engine to develop new MMO titles to a prototype level, thus helping them to source additional investment and attract publisher interest. Applicants range from professional studios to programmer collectives born from the modding community.

"We see this as a vindication of our strategy of supporting the smaller developer. Many of these teams have projects that will be hugely attractive to investors and publishers, and by using our platform they ensure that when the time comes they will be in the strongest possible position to negotiate a deal," says Paul Mayze, Business and Marketing Manager, Technology. "We are already Europe's leading platform for MMO and Virtual World development. With the growth we are experiencing now we are on course for our target of being the world leader in two years."

The licensees were selected based on a number of criteria, including originality, technological feasibility, opportunities for revenue, and the team itself.

"Clearly, many of these applications have been generated by the new Licence - but increased investment interest in virtual worlds is also helping to fuel development growth," says Rik Alexander, CEO of Monumental.

For further information, please contact:

Paul Mayze, Business & Marketing Manager, Technology.

Monumental Games

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E-Mail: paul.mayze@monumentalgames.com

Web: www.monumentalgames.com

Phone: +44 (0) 115 958 3178

About Monumental Games

Monumental Games (Nottingham, UK) is a game development studio specialising in the design, production, operation and management of large-scale consumer MMO game products for the global marketplace.

Monumental Games develop the Monumental Technology Suite (MTS), a complete MMO game development middleware solution. MTS enables MMO developers to focus on content development, product quality, creativity, added-value, USP features and innovation. MTS contains everything investors, publishers, developers, educators, governments, researchers and media/license owners need to take MMO products quickly, securely and cost effectively to market.


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