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Mobile version of Vampire Survivors reaches 1m downloads in a week

Free port of indie hit is most popular in Brazi, Japan and the US

Vampire Survivors is already a hit on mobile, having been downloaded more than one million times within one week of release.

The iOS and Android port of the hugely popular indie game was a surprise announcement during The Game Awards last week, and offers the full experience to mobile users for free. cites Appmagic data, which shows the game has been racked up 562,000 installs on iOS and 585,000 via Google Play.

Japan is the game's biggest market on iOS, followed by the US, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. Meanwhile, its biggest audience on Android is in Brazil, followed by the US, Russia, Japan and Spain.

Developer Poncle is currently working on allowing save transfers between the mobile, Xbox and PC versions of the game.

Vampire Survivors was also chosen a Game of the Year by our own Marie Dealessandri, and you can read why right here.

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