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MLB Dugout Heroes

Hall of Fame Pitcher Fergie Jenkins among latest additions.

The very first fully licensed and online-based PC baseball game in North America has added Hall of Fame Pitcher Fergie Jenkins to the game's new and improved All-Star Draft Card. The new character and his accompanying gear can now be purchased in the game's item mall with the proceeds from the purchase go to the Fergie Jenkins Foundation and the many children's charities it helps across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the launch of the new Fergie Jenkins playable character, GamesCampus has also launched all-new content and items in the game including Fergie Jenkins' Gear, improved All-Star Player Stats, a Pitch Style Update Coach, a Pitch Style Reset Coach, a Team Logo Stat Booster and more. The new updates are all available now at

New content includes:

Fergie Jenkins Playable Character - Now players can pitch like a pro when they receive the brand new Fergie Jenkins character. The hall of fame pitcher is now included as one of the All-Stars available via the All-Star Draft Card. Proceeds from the sale of the character will go to the Fergie Jenkins Foundation charities.

Fergie Jenkins' Bundle Pack --This package includes an ultra RARE item that was made for Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins, plus an All-Star Draft Card. These items give huge stat boosts to any player that uses them!

Additionally, buying this package will be the only way for players to obtain the coveted All-Star Draft Card. This premium package will sell for $14.40.

Fergie Jenkins' Gear - Don't want the package? Then buy a Fergie Jenkins Gear Card! Players will receive one of six stat boosting items that are not available anywhere else in the game. All of Fergie's gear grants only positive stats bonuses because Fergie was a positive guy!

New and improved All-Star Players - All 699 American League and National League All-Stars will feature improved stats! Be sure to buy the Fergie Jenkins' Bundle Pack as this will guarantee the player a new and improved All-Star with a chance to win Fergie Jenkins himself!

Pitch Style Update Coach - This coach will allow a player's pitcher to learn a brand new pitch! Extremely rare pitches that were previously only available to elite players are now available for pitchers of all levels to learn! Players can choose from Circle Changeup, Slow Curve, and Vertical Slider!

Pitch Style Reset Coach - This all-new feature resets the pitches a player learns.

Team Logo Stat Boost - This feature gives players an increased stat boost if they have drafted a minimum of 5 ballplayers from the same team. Assemble your dream team with this item and boost your stats at the same time!

More information can be found at:

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