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mLani Studios launch

New hardware outfit headed by former SplitFish man Ken Tetterington.

January 9, 2009 - mLani Studios Inc (mLani) today announced that it is aggressively entering into the 2009 video game hardware market with several new high end products for the Nintendo Wii, PC, and Sony PS3 platforms.

mLani Studios Inc was created by its CEO and the former founder of SplitFish GameWare, Ken Tetterington, who left SplitFish Gameware last fall. Tetterington was responsible for and co-developed SplitFish patents with the invention of products ranging from the FragFX to the EyeFX 3D systems. According to Tetterington, "mLani doesn't aim to necessarily be the biggest peripheral manufacturer; mlani will build a reputation as a company that creates high quality and reliable video game technologies.

Further, the Company announces that Kevin Sterling has been appointed the mLani President of North American Operations. As a former VP of Sales and founder of Gamegumz and Gamebuzz energy products, Kevin has extensive retail sales experience as well as video game product development. He will oversee retail product placement and assist in product creative development.

mLani Studios is an engineering boutique and not large by comparative standards however our core staff has been involved in some of the best video game hardware developments over the last 10 years. This includes the FragFX, DualFX, SuperFX, MotionFX, EyeFX, HDTV-FX, Gottaglow technologies, as well as the Laser Projection Rubidium Cube and the ongoing Fluxite.com technology.

mLani anticipates entering into the market with its first high end wireless Wii product in April.

Further details can be found on the mLani web site located at www.mLani.com or by contacting the company at info@mLani.com.

About mLani Studios Inc:

mLani is a high end developer of video game hardware. Our technologies have received accolades and acceptance by video game players worldwide.

For more information, contact Kevin Sterling at sterling@mlani.com

Kevin Sterling

email: sterling@mlani.com

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