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Minecraft wins big at GDC and IGF awards

Five trophies for indie hit, while Red Dead takes four

Mojang Specifications' million-selling indie game Minecraft last night won three categories in the Game Developers Choice Awards at GDC in San Francisco.

In addition, the Swedish title won the Independent Games Festival Seamus McNally grand prize, and the IGF audience award.

Meanwhile, there was another, perhaps more traditional victor in the form of Rockstar, which took home four GDC awards for Red Dead Redemption - including Best Game.

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux won the Lifetime Achievement award.

The full list of Game Developers Choice awards is as follows:

  • Best Game - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Game Design - Red Dead Redemption
  • Innovation - Minecraft
  • Best Technology - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Handheld Game - Cut the Rope
  • Best Audio - Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Downloadable Game - Minecraft
  • Best Writing - Mass Effect 2
  • Best Debut Game - Minecraft
  • Best Visual Arts - Limbo
  • Pioneer Award - Yu Suzuki
  • Lifetime Achievement - Peter Molyneux

For the Independent Games Festival 2011, these were the winners:

  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($20,000) - Minecraft, by Mojang
  • Nuovo Award ($5,000) - Nidhogg, by Messhof
  • Excellence in Visual Art ($2,500) - BIT.TRIP RUNNER, by Gaijin Games
  • Excellence in Audio ($2,500) - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games
  • Excellence in Design ($2,500) - Desktop Dungeons, by QCF Design
  • Best Student Game ($2,500) - FRACT, by University of Montreal
  • Technical Excellence ($2,500) - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games
  • Best Mobile Game ($2,500) - Helsing's Fire, Ratloop
  • Audience Award ($2,500) - Minecraft, by Mojang
  • Direct2Drive Vision Award ($10,000) - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, by Frictional Games

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