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Metacritic gives individual developer scores

Aggregator site gives "average career score" to anyone listed in game credits

Review aggregator site Metacritic has begun to provide listings for specific individuals credited for a game on the site, giving each an average percentage score for their career.

The influential website already offers formal listings for games and publishers, with the latter feature recently resulting in an annual summary that saw Rockstar owner Take-Two Interactive, Nintendo, and Capcom receive the highest aggregated scores.

Publisher scores are split into two categories, for companies releasing more or less than 15 titles per year, and carefully weighted according to four criteria. Individuals are provided with an "average career score".

This gives a career score of 80 for Nintendo luminary Shigeru Miyamoto (who is also producer or executive producer for almost all Nintendo products), 82 for Peter Molyneux, 86 for Cliff Bleszinski, 83 for Hideo Kojima, 83 for David Jaffe, 86 for Tim Schafer, 81 for Will Wright, and 82 for Warren Spector.

The highest and lowest individual score for an individual are also shown, as well as a graphical indication of score distribution. All the titles covered by Metacritic, and thus also included in the career score, are also listed.

The data is based on credits entered on GameFAQs, one of parent company CBS Interactive's many games-related websites. As a result the information is often incomplete - although anyone can submit changes via the website.

Metacritic's influence on the games industry has become controversial given the numerous references to it by publishers seeking evidence of the quality of their games. Many companies even use the site's "metascores" as a metric for providing pay bonuses and other rewards.

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