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Medal of Honor studio becomes 'Danger Close'

New identity evokes "pushing the boundaries and taking chances", says EA

Electronic Arts LA, the studio currently working on EA's Medal of Honor reboot, has been rebranded as Danger Close.

It is a move opposite to many publishers' tradition of giving internal studios corporate identities, and is intended to represent that Danger Close is "pushing boundaries and taking chances."

Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the new Medal of Honor shooter moves from a World War II setting to a contemporary conflict.

Danger Close is in fact an umbrella title for several studios formerly grouped under the EA LA banner - including mobile and real-time strategy teams. The developer saw several lay-offs in recent times, which the new name also reflects.

"When a [soldier] is calling in for danger close fire, it's the decision to take a chance, rather than sit back and call in from afar," executive producer Greg Goodrich told Gamasutra.

"For our team, 'danger close' is about pushing the boundaries and taking chances on telling a story we felt needed to be told."

The new Medal of Honor, due for release later this year, documents the current war in Afghanistan. Danger Close is currently recruiting.

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