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MatchBox360 £3000 Online Summer Series

Registration now open for bouts of Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War and FIFA08, starting this Sunday.

MatchBox360 turns up the heat this summer with a sizzling prize fund totalling over £3000 to be won on the latest series of online Xbox 360 tournaments.

The “MatchBox360 £3000 Online Summer Series” sponsored by NETGEAR and IIYAMA features the most popular Xbox 360 titles including Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War and FIFA08.

Following the success of the Winter Series in January with over 150 teams and 700 players battling it out over Xbox Live, this latest selection of tournaments will set a new standard for MatchBox360 online tournaments with the largest prize funds available to date.

With the forthcoming MatchBox360 XL eSports LAN tournament on 25-27th July at Cranmore Park, the “MatchBox360 £3000 Online Summer Series” not only provides the Xbox 360 gaming community the perfect opportunity to win some amazing prizes, but will also see some of the best teams in Europe practising their tactics as they prepare for the largest dedicated Xbox 360 tournament in Europe.

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The “MatchBox360 £3000 Online Summer Series” prizes include:

IIYAMA Call of Duty 4 5v5 (in association with Console Lounge and Team V)

• Prizes: £250 cash

• 5 x iiyama ProLite E2003WSV...the official monitors of MatchBox360 XL!

• 15 x Xbox 360 Enemy Territories: Quake Wars (Activision)

• £250 cash

• Forum:

• Registration:

NETGEAR Halo 3 4v4:

• Prizes: £700 cash

• Forum:

• Registration:

Gears of War 4v4:

• Prizes: 8 x Xbox 360 Gears of War 2

• Forum:

• Registration:

The “MatchBox360 £3000 Online Summer Series” tournaments are now open for registration and will take place throughout June to August with the first tournament starting on Sunday 15th what are you waiting for, get your teams registered now!!!

More of your favourite Xbox 360 titles including Guitar Hero III and Race Driver: GRID will be added to the online tournament line-up over the next few weeks. For more information on all the tournaments available, please visit the MatchBox360 online tournament forums:

We look forward to meeting you online and at MatchBox360 XL on 25-27th July!

MatchBox360 online and XL Sponsorship:

MatchBox360 currently have a number of unique marketing and showcase opportunities available online and at our forthcoming XL tournament in July at Cranmore Park. Whether you would like to feature your product at the event or advertise your business via tournament sponsorship, we have a selection of marketing packages to suit your needs. If you would like the your product or business to be associated with the largest console LAN tournament in Europe then please contact us for further information.


Chris Barnes

MatchBox360 XL Event Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 7977 070 596


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MatchBox360 XL Ticket Office: is one of the fastest growing Xbox Live communities in the United Kingdom. A focused events site and XCN member, MatchBox360 revolves around its thriving forum community, and boasts an impressive membership of gamers of varying ages, gender and skill.

MatchBox360 XL is the premier console eSports tournament in the UK and sets the standard for competitive console LAN events for the European gaming community.

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