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Mata Hari

New screenshots released from Cranberry Production's dancer spy adventure.

For Immediate Release

dtp press release of June 12th, 2008

Hamburg, June 12th, 2008 - Today, Hamburg/Germany based publisher dtp entertainment reveals new impressions of and information on the upcoming adventure game Mata Hari: The new screenshots show Mata in the office of her manager Gabriel Astruc (Mata_02), in Madrid (Mata_06), in Paris (Mata_11)

and in Major von Kalle’s bedroom (Mata_12).

In Mata Hari, players slip into the role of the legendary spy and dancer. During the game, Mata meets historic characters like scientist Marie Curie. Mata will also meet Major Georges Ladoux, in real life her first contact into French secret service activities.

Also Major Arnold von Kalle, who in real life supervised German secret service activities in Madrid and gave Mata first contacts to Germany, plays an important role in the adventure game Mata Hari.


Her name is still well known: Mércèdes Jellinek, name giver for the famous German automobiles – she also appears in the game.

Mata Hari meets a variety of historical and fictional characters throughout her adventure. dtp entertainment will announce more detailed information shortly. dtp entertainment tells a story around a legendary dancer and spy – in their upcoming PC adventure game Mata Hari: Mata Hari’s gamy presentations on wild parties of the ‚Belle Époque’ attract influential circles from industry and policy, among others the attractive Swiss Oscar Samsonet.

He concludes that the exotic dancer Mata Hari would be perfect for his further plans. Samsonet appeals to her thirst for adventures and baits her with easy money: Mata Hari becomes a spy. Her finesse, her charm and her persuasiveness will help Mata Hari to uncover highly critical secrets. Soon she gets caught in the crossfire: The entente has a merciless arms race with the central powers – the world is at the brink of world war one.

Story and game design are penned by adventure-game legends Hal Barwood („Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis™“; LucasArts) and Noah Falstein („Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade™“; LucasArts). The game is developed by Cranberry Production in Hanover/Germany.

dtp entertainment is going to release Mata Hari this fall.

About dtp entertainment AG

dtp entertainment is Germany’s second biggest independent games publisher. With more than 85 employees at its Hamburg headquarters, the company is market leader for adventure games and children’s software, publishing games for all interactive entertainment platforms worldwide.

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