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Mastertronic releases

First five £4.99 games of 2010 include Heroes of Might and Magic V, CivCity: Rome, Empire Earth II, Championship Manager 2007 and Just Cause.

Mastertronic has announced the release of five new £4.99 budget games – Heroes of Might and Magic V, CivCity: Rome, Empire Earth II, Championship Manager 2007 and Just Cause – building up your collection has never been easier! Mastertronic brings you two helpings of strategy games in January. In CivCity: Rome, an innovative city-builder inspired by the world of Sid Meiers’ Civilisation, through dozens of missions, you will be charged with building, nurturing and managing Rome's great cities as you endeavour to lead the Empire to its mighty apogee. Awarded 8/10 by Game Planet, this game aims to please. Featuring hundreds of buildings including gladiatorial schools, amphitheatres, the Circus Maximus, legionnaire forts, weapons workshops and much more, CivCity: Rome offers an incredibly detailed look at Roman life in one of the deepest city-builders ever created. Use the rich research tree to develop over 70 technologies to give your city a strategic advantage. Can you build Rome in a day?

In Empire Earth II – The Art of Supremacy, the epic conquest continues with four new civilisations under your command: the French, the Russians, plus the Zulu and the Maasai of the all-new African region. Bold victories on far-off battlefields, from wintry Russian plains to scorching African deserts, will establish your reputation as the world’s greatest leader – past, present and future! Awarded 8/10 by GameSpot and 4 out of five stars from GameSpy, the second instalment in the Empire Earth series has received high reviews and acclaim, making Empire Earth II one of those games you’ll take with you to a desert island.

Championship Manager is a name that has become synonymous in the UK for over a decade with the concept of a great, in-depth football management game. Developed by London-based Beautiful Game Studios (BGS), Championship Manager 2007 is a totally new iteration of the best-selling football management simulation. This instalment features a completely new look with new skins, menu shortcuts and a dynamic side bar, all ensuring that every gaming taste is catered for. The introduction of an International Management option enables players to manage their country and be a part of the biggest football tournament in the world. Live your dream and manage your own club to glory, by dealing with everything from tactics and training to transfers – everything you would expect a real-life football manager to do without having to own a sheepskin coat!

Get ready to start your own revolution in Just Cause. You are Top Secret agent Rico Rodriguez, and your job is to overthrow the corrupt government of San Esperito. With 89 vehicles at your disposal choose from choppers, boats, cars, bikes, mini-subs and jets to explore 1,025Km² of the tropical island of San Esperito. Skydive, parasail, machine-gun, car-jack, base-jump and bazooka your way through missions as you lead a nation to freedom. Are you up to the challenge?

Heroes of Might and Magic V is the fifth instalment of the Heroes of Might and Magic turn-based strategy game series and displays the same charm and addictiveness that earned the series its fiercely dedicated fan base. Choose from over 200 skills, 170 creatures' abilities and 40 spells to build up your heroes and their armies. Master six factions and more than 80 creatures and lead them into intense tactical combats with both turn-based and new dynamic battle system introducing real-time decisions.

All five titles are out now on general release, retailing at just £4.99 – adding to your classic collection has never been such a bargain!

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