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Map My Mind

iPhone triv quiz from the chaps behind Doodle Hex on the DS.

November 11th, 2009 Mallorca, Spain: Developer Tragnarion Studios, creator of the magical NDS title “Doodle Hex”, are back with the announcement of its first iPhone and iPod Touch game, “Map My Mind”.

Map My Mind is one of the most innovative and playable trivia puzzle games to hit the iPhone and iPod Touch to date. Its original gameplay and huge number of questions will be a true challenge for anyone to overcome.

The game:

Offers single player modes as well as online leader boards which will allow the players to measure how much they know about a given subject and compare themselves to other players in their region, country or even around the world.

By using the power of mind maps, Map My Mind puts player’s knowledge and brain to test with themed maps requiring exploring the relationships between concepts to solve trivia puzzles and establish himself as the true king of sports, movies, history or any other trivia that you can imagine.

Miguel Font, Lead Designer for “Map My Mind” at Tragnarion Studios said: “Map My Mind manages to achieve a good balance between a pure trivia and a board game. The fact that each map is unique both in layout and genre of its questions allows us to present the player with a new experience every time they try out a different map. Map My Mind is coming together really well on the iPhone and iPod Touch and it is especially well suited for this platform. The game’s mechanics, the control method as well as the interface mold perfectly to the iPhone and iPod Touch and the art looks simply amazing”.

Map My Mind will come with a huge number of questions and 20 maps to keep you entertained for hours; Do you have any particular interests? Map My Mind will also feature extra downloadable map packs to satisfy your appetite and will be available at launch via the Apple Store.

For more information please visit, Facebook & Twitter. The site delivers screenshots, teaser and the full explanation of the features of this game that will provide the player with an unforgettable gaming experience.

Map My Mind will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch beginning of December 2009. For more information, assets and review samples, please contact Jean-Philip Rodriguez via email

*Tragnarion Studios brings you the opportunity to be the first one in testing Map My Mind and other games, to learn more about it fill in the application form that can be found at thank you!

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