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Major League Gaming acquires Agora Games

Web community building company snapped up by MLG to enhance its online services

Major League Gaming has bought Agora Games and is planning to use the company's web-based community expertise to expand the online services it currently offers its users.

Together, said gaming league operator MLG, the companies will be able to work to enhance the social community it has built up, as well as "partner more deeply with publishers and developers".

Agora has previously worked on some of gaming's highest profile community websites, including those for Guitar Hero, Call of Duty: World At War and Transformers. Their technology currently tracks game play statistics for over 25 million players around the world.

"Cross-platform video game competition is what MLG is all about," said Matthew Bromberg, president and CEO of Major League Gaming.

"We already operate the largest online competitive gaming property in the world. Agora is the leading developer of multiplayer communities in the world. Coming together with Agora allows us to double-down on our biggest strength."

"MLG has shown the world that competitive video gaming is both a great live sports experience and can be the basis for a thriving online business," added Michael DelPrete, founder of Agora Games.

"We share a vision of the marketplace, and we're confident the combination will better serve our existing customers and open up new opportunities to expand our offerings."

Under the new arrangement of the two companies, Michael DelPrete will remain as president of the wholly-owned subsidiary while Agora will continue to operate from its Troy, New York office.

Founded in 2002, MLG runs professional leagues for games such as Halo 3, Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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