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Majesco stock jumps 50%

Rebound as Zumba Fitness ships 500k, Cooking Mama comes to Facebook

Publisher Majesco's fortunes seem to be improving, as the Cooking Mama firm this week saw its share value leap 48 per cent.

This comes after two years of troubles, with NASDAQ last year warning that Majesco potentially faced delisting if it could not raise its share price.

Shares yesterday closed at $1.14, up from $0.76 in the previous week, and $0.51 in August 2010.

Majesco's Q4 2010 results are due next week, with word that the publisher shipped 500,000 units of Kinect title Zumba Fitness suggesting a more positive outlook than Q3's $1.6 million net loss. Actual sales for Zumba are unknown as yet.

In addition, Majesco this week announced that it is to bring its popular Cooking Mama franchise to Facebook - its first full foray into social network games. Cooking Mama Friends' Cafe will be a free to play resource management title, supported by microtransactions.

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