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Winner of the Swedish Game Awards 2008, now in 3D and coming next year.

Arrowhead Game Studios, a new entrant into the game development arena, today announced their award winning game, Magicka. Based out of Skellefteå, Sweden, Arrowhead Game Studios is a private company focusing on developing games that are intuitive and innovative for creative gamers.

Magicka is an action/adventure game currently under development by Arrowhead Game Studios. The concept of Magicka first came to life in 2008 as a submission to the Swedish Game Awards, Sweden's largest game development competition. The game was first visualized in 2D but has since been remade in 3D and uses much more advanced technology. ”The decision was necessary to make development run smoother and also to be able to implement the features we deem important for the game to truly become what we envisioned from the beginning.” says CEO Johan Pilestedt.

In Magicka, the player takes on the role of a wizard of a decadent ancient order, utilizing a complex game mechanic to let players, in real-time, dynamically combine different elements to create spells or the even more powerful Magicks to exploit the weaknesses of their foes. The game will feature 15 different levels in 9 different environments, giving the players a huge replayability with unlockable magicks, weapons and challenge levels not found the first time around. Another important aspect of the game is the co-op mode, Johan points out. “Games are about being social, gather a couple of friends and hit the couch. You'll sure to have a blast as you either hurl them off a cliff with a misplaced earth-projectile or successfully bring down a huge mountain troll due to flawless teamplay!” All game modes will be available with up to 4 player co-op.

Magicka is scheduled for release 2010 and CFO Robin Cederholm comments on distribution; ”Digital distribution is the way to go these days and we're primarily looking at Xbox Live Arcade as our main distribution platform, so you can expect easy access when the game is out.”

Find out more at http://www.magicka.se

About Arrowhead Game Studios

Based out of Skellefteå, Sweden, Arrowhead Game Studios is an award winning game development company focusing on developing games that are intuitive and innovative for creative gamers. The company philosophy is based on these simple guiding principles - entertainment, innovation and quality. Magicka, the action/adventure game developed by the company has won the title "Game of the Year" at the Swedish Game Awards 2008, Swedens largest game development competition.

For more information, visit http://www.arrowheadgs.com


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