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Magic World Online

New expansion, "Rejuvenation", launches on August 27th.

Ingle. Games. Ltd has announced the development of Magic World Rejuvenation, the latest 2.0 expansion of Magic World Online (MWO). It is slated to be released on 20:00, Aug 27 2009.

With the new version out, a host of new features and upgrades are being presented, adding more excitement to the game.

1. Equipment Binding System: Artificial binding plus System binding ensures account security.

2. Legal place for PK zealots --World Arena. It is opened for both Empire and Dynasty players, in which players can PK freely without any punishment.

3. More scarce Maps and monsters.

4. The highest char. Level of 120. Lv.80, the once highest level will be expanded to 120, a rise that will not only improve characters’

attributes but also prompt new fighting strategies.

5. New maps and new instances: such as Plague Shadow and Deva Apocalypse, the final resort of devils and last threat to humans.

6. Highly-anticipated Lv.80 class skills. A series of Lv.80 class skills will enable players to survive new maps and instances known as living hell.

These are just some of the surprises that the version is about to bring you. Go and enjoy them all firsthand!

Find more details about MWO Ver.2.0 here:

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