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Award recognises the innovation and quality of Macrospace’s groundbreaking mobile game

PRESS RELEASE: 1 October 2004

London, UK 1st October 2004 Macrospace, the global provider of mobile games and mobile gaming services, last night won the coveted "best mobile game" crown at the 4th annual Mobile Choice Consumer Awards in London for it's flagship title 'Fatal Force: Earth Assault'.

Fatal Force was one of 10 mobile games nominated for the award. The shortlisted titles comprised the best mobile games launched in 2004 including 'Balloon Headed Boy' from Morpheme, 'Lemonade Tycoon' from Jamdat, Gameloft's 'Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow', and the new Bluetooth multiplayer game 'Pat Cash Pro Tennis' from Kuju.

'Fatal Force: Earth Assault' is a side-scrolling action game, inspired by classic games like 'Metal Slug' and 'Contra'. In the game you have to battle your way through multiple levels across deserts, arctic tundra and even an underground cave complex, with the obligatory boss battles and surprises along the way. Every level of the game is packed with the attention to detail Macrospace is known for. Fatal Force is also the first mobile game to allow cross-device Bluetooth multiplayer gaming, allowing gamers with compatible handsets to play deathmatch-style against each other, with a selection of CPU bots that can be selected to fight with or against you.

And through another unique innovation, Macrospace has created the online 'Battle Zone', which lets gamers to create online player profiles, allowing gamers to form their own game clans and friendly leagues to compare scores and tactics with gamers around the world. Based on Macrospace's ConnectX technology, the Battle Zone enables players with compatible devices to download additional levels specially designed for multiplayer Bluetooth battles, with the added bonus of an online global ranking system to show who is the best Fatal Force player.

"This award is a real tribute to everyone at Macrospace and a great reward for all the hard work over the past year," said John Ozimek, Head of Marketing and Communications at Macrospace. "It's great to see our investment into quality, innovation and original IP be recognised by the rest of the industry. Mobile games is a really exciting business to be in right now."

Visit for a fully playable demo of the game as well as trailers, screenshots and the online BattleZone.

About Macrospace

Macrospace develops and publishes mobile games and provides mobile gaming solutions for network operators, service providers, handset manufacturers, media companies and brand owners around the world. Macrospace products and services are available through more than 90 carriers and 70 service providers, reaching over 700 million subscribers. With expertise in single and multiplayer gaming, web emulation and content provisioning, Macrospace is uniquely positioned to offer complete end-to-end mobile gaming solutions across Java, BREW and i-mode. ProvisionX, the company's fully managed provisioning solution, is the most widely deployed Java download service worldwide. For further information, please visit

For more information please contact:

John Ozimek

Head of Marketing and Communications - Macrospace

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7368 1122

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