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LootLocker raises $250,000 seed fund

Gaming technology startup attracts investment from across Swedish game scene

Swedish game technology startup LootLocker has closed a seed funding round worth $250,000.

Investment came from across the Swedish games scene, including Avalanche Studios co-founder Linus Blomberg and former DICE CEO Karl Magns Troedsson, among others.

Founded in 2019, Loot Locker provides features, backend services, and live ops tools for indie developers to build, ship and run their games.

The startup will use this seed investment to continue developing its technology, and working with indie developers to provide the features.

"We are so excited to have closed this round with such impressive investors", said Alexander Bergendahl, co-founder and CEO of LootLocker.

"Having this amount of experience investing at such an early stage of a company is nearly unheard of, so we're excited to get to work and execute on our vision."

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