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Legends of Zork

Browser-based reincarnation officially launched at www.legendsofzork.com.


Dublin, Ireland. 29th March.

You are standing in an open field west of a white house. Or maybe you’re not? Maybe you’re sitting inside a blue house? Or a greenhouse? You could be in an internet café, or maybe you’re just checking your email during the commercial break of your favourite show? Wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you could be playing Legends of Zork™.

With the fall of the Great Underground Empire chaos seems to be gaining the upper hand. Kobolds, trolls, and every dangerous creature imaginable (and occasionally an unimaginable one) have been growing bolder and creeping further from their lairs. Conflict is spreading through the land, mayhem abounds, and the dreaded words on everyones lips are “Recession” and “Redundancy”. Yep, the economy’s gone down the tubes, and you’ve been sacked from FrobozzCo International. But don’t feel bad, everyone else has too. So why sit around moping about your pension when you could be out adventuring? With so much money to be made from cutting your way through hordes of monsters, you’ll never need to worry about your finances again! And if you’re not a very good adventurer, or you run into a grue... well, at least your pension won’t be an issue anymore.

That’s right, 30 years after its first conception, Zork™ is back! After much hype, confusion and then hype again, Legends of Zork™ has finished its testing period, and has now been released to run wild and free on the internet at www.legendsofzork.com

“We’ve designed LoZ to be as accessible as possible, hoping to appeal to both original Zork fans (and there’s enough of them working on this that we should know what we’re talking about), while also trying to bring in a whole new generation of players”, said Dylan Collins, CEO of Jolt Online Gaming, “We appreciate that Zork™ is a hallowed franchise, and we have tried our very best to keep within the spirit of the game and pay it the reverence it deserves, while also making some obvious changes to open it up to a wider audience”. He continued, “We don’t know if this approach will make us the most celebrated company in the world, or if we’ve just earned ourselves a whole lot of hate mail, but whatever the result, that’s the balance we’ve tried to strike. We’ve also made it as accessible as possible in a very literal sense, in that we’ve designed it to be played in your Internet browser, at home, in school, in the office. Personally I can’t imagine a better use of a smartphone than to thrash a giant Kobold while on my exercise bike at the gym”.

For more information, game announcements, and of course to try the game yourself, please go to www.legendsofzork.com.

Jolt Online Gaming is one of the leading browser games publishers in the world with millions of players across its titles.

About Jolt Online Gaming

Jolt Online Gaming is one of the leading Browser Games publishers in the world. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operations in Los Angeles and Germany. Its games include the trucking RPG known as Trukz.com, the eagerly anticipated UtopiaKingdoms.com, and the cult favourite Swirve.com More information can be found at www.joltonline.com.

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