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Kingsley: Rebellion won't move overseas

Despite a lack of competitive tax breaks and recognition, CEO wants to keep business in UK

Britain's games industry is an "unsung success" that doesn't get the recognition it deserves, or the tax incentives, Rebellion's CEO Jason Kingsley has said. However, he still wants his company to remain in the country.

"We're after tax breaks in Britain so that we can compete against countries that already offer them," Kingsley told Total PC. "It’s easy to be complacent and think that gaming is thriving here and that it always will, but I get calls from people saying: 'if you move to such a place you will get tax breaks and X or Y incentives.'"

Still, it's not something the CEO is considering. "That would mean uprooting the company and seeing people with young families either come with me or leave the company. As the owner of Rebellion I have a responsibility for my staff and I want to remain in Britain."

Kingsley believes firmly that tax breaks are vital for the industry, however, saying: "Yes, there may be more important things in the world, but it’s still important to look after the gaming industry in the future."

"The thing is I like Britain," he continued, "and the gaming industry is an unsung success. It’s an upstart industry that is young and self taught. It's a shame it is not recognised more, but it says a lot about the presence of gaming in the UK that we’ve been able to sit on the terrace at the House Of Commons having caught the imagination of some MPs who have gone on to set up a cross-party group that supports us. There is a certain recognition for the industry in that."

Kingsley is also weary of violent games being blamed for society's problems. "I'm tired of being the kicking boy for when things go wrong," he said.

"It's like the Elvis pelvis thing. Everyone was repulsed by Elvis Presley when he was seen as being overly sexual. Games are just the latest thing to upset people and it makes me wonder what I will be alarmed about when I’m 60."

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