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Joel Hochberg, former Rare director, has died

The video game pioneer also served as president of Rare Coin-it Inc

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Joel Hochberg, former director of game studio Rare, has died aged 87.

As reported by the Miami Herald, he's survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

In 1986, he joined Rare founders Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper to oversee the firm's business operations within the US. The division was based out of Miami, Florida. He also served as president of the sister company Rare Coin-It Inc, which only created coin-operated machines.

Before working at Rare, he was vice president of arcade maker, Centuri.

Hochberg is given special thanks among Rare video game credits such as Golden Eye, Donkey Kong Country, and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

The former executive was eulogized on Twitter by Rare co-founder Tim Stamper.

"President of Rare Coin-it Inc, Miami, and former Director of Rare Limited, Twycross. Joel changed the course of history, he bought us our first Nintendo Famicom system on one of his many trips to Japan," said Stamper.

He was also eulogized by the Rare games studio. The firm said, "RIP Joel, and thank you from all of us for everything you did for Rare."

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