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Jobs Roundup: October 2023 | Technicolor Games hires Paul Houlders as global head of art

Update: Sumo Group announces new appointments, Kwalee hires Mark Greenshields as VP of its Bangalore Studio

It can be difficult keeping track of the various comings and goings in the games industry, which is why we compile them in semi-regular round-ups.

If you have new appointments or transitions in your company that belong here, please send the names of the appointees, new role and company, and prior role and company to

Sumo Group announces new round of appointments across the company

Left to right, Beck Hemsley, Alice Balloch, Brian C McAuliffe

Among them, Beck Hemsley is now a placement Artist at Sumo Leamington. Alice Balloch has stepped into the role of narrative designer at Sumo Leamington. Meanwhile, Sumo Nottingham receives a new senior producer, Brian C McAuliffe.

Left to right, Luke Fitzgerald, Hannah Scurr

Luke Fitzgerald is appointed senior product manager at Sumo Sheffield. Hannah Scurr will now serve as associate producer at Sumo Sheffield. Same Chester is named lead character artist from Sumo Sheffield.

Left to right, Ella Kenrick, Heather Fraser, Charlie Gray

Atomhawk gains a new studio engagement coordinator, Ella Kenrick. Heather Fraser is appointed as senior producer. Charlie Gray joins Secret Mode as a QA tester.

Left to right, Amber Silcock, Ary Shirazi, Jey Hicks, Ben Godwin

Meanwhile, Amber Silcock is now serving as producer at Lab42 Games. The Chinese Room gains a new lead-level designer with Ary Shirazi. Jey Hicks steps into the position of project design director at The Chinese Room. Lastly, Ben Godwin is now licensing director at Sumo Group.

Mark Greenshields

Mark Greenshields | Vice president, Kwalee

Kwalee has named Mark Greenshields as vice president of its Bangalore Studio.

While overseeing the office, he will also join senior leadership in working towards the company's plans to grow its business operations.

Throughout Greenshields' career, he's worked at firms such as Firebrand Games, serving as CEO for 14 years. He also had a three-year stint at eBallR Games as COO.

Greenshields said, "I am thrilled to be joining Kwalee as one of the leading UK publishers. I see a very bright future for them, especially now that they have moved into both the PC/Console and Hybrid/Casual spaces."

Paul Houlders | Global head of art, Technicolor Games

Paul Houlders is now global head of art at Technicolor Games.

He will oversee the studio's global creative team while coordinating with the company's executive team.

Houlders brings more than 30 years of career experience in art production and management. He's worked at firms such as EA, with whom he spent seven years, having lastly worked as group art director at EA Shanghai. Before his new role, he served as studio director at Sperasoft.

"I am thrilled to be joining Technicolor Games and looking forward to reconnecting with old colleagues and partners. I am particularly excited for the opportunity to build new partnerships and grow with Technicolor Games," said Houlders.

Room 8 Group expands with duo appointments

Left to right, Sonia Lashand-Sedler, Ellis McCusker-Thompson

Room 8 Group has announced that it has added to its leadership team. Sonia Lashand-Sedler has been appointed as an executive board member.

Their work history includes serving as COO and interim CEO at Keywords Studios; they also have experience as a private equity firms' senior advisor.

Meanwhile, Ellis McCusker-Thompson was named global head of marketing. Before this, Ellis was global marketing director at Technicolor Creative Studios. In her new position, she will oversee the development of marketing strategies and improving customer experiences.

Charalampos Papadimitriou

Charalampos Papadimitriou | Head of Artificial Intelligence, PTW

PTW has hired Dr. Charalampos "Harry" Papadimitriou as its new head of AI. He will oversee the firm's AI program and development of AI-based solutions for PTW's brands.

Papadimitriou brings career experience working as a data scientist. He's worked at firms such as FanAI as head of data science. He was data science manager for League of Legends at Riot Games in his last role.

"Harry comes to us with an impressive industry track record, and with his insights and leadership, I have every confidence in our AI division and their importance for future growth at PTW," said PTW chief creative officer Kasturi Rangan.

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