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Japanese authorities make their first arrest over video game spoilers

The monetized YouTube videos of Stein;Gate: My Embrace also included its ending

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A 52-year-old from Nagoya, Japan, is now the first in the country to be arrested for illegally uploading game videos on YouTube.

As reported by Japan Today, the videos of Stein;Gate: My Darling's Embrace were also monetized and included the game's ending.

The 2011 visual novel, which was re-released in 2019, current rights holder is media firm Kadokawa.

The Youtuber also uploaded videos from the anime adaptation of the game and Spy x Family, another animated show.

JapanToday added that gameplay videos from Japanese Youtubers which don't collect ad revenue are common on the platform.

CODA, Japan's Content Overseas Distribution Promotion Organization, said that "in principle," use of any gameplay videos requires permission from the rights holder.

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