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Jagex added to Global Business Directory

Premium listing for RuneScape developer; content look-and-feel refreshed

Following on from the recent launch of the Global Business Directory, led by keen games as the first premium entry, I'm delighted to announce that RuneScape developer Jagex has now joined the list - with more studios set to be added in the coming weeks and months.

As with keen's listing, you can find out a lot more about Jagex as a company by browsing through the various tabs - and you'll note that both companies are actively hiring for roles at the moment.

We've also taken the opportunity to synchronise the premium directory with our existing free listings as well, so that both sections can now be found in the Directory tab - and both have a consistent look-and-feel which we hope you'll find nicer to look at.

Over time we'll be going through every listing in the directory to make sure that each one is as up-to-date as possible, and later we'll also be implementing a kind of 'family tree' structure of companies so that it's easy to tell how some of the larger businesses operate with respect to subsidiaries... for example, Sony Corporation --> Sony Computer Entertainment --> Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and so on.

Hopefully, by the time we're done, we'll have the most useful videogames business directory resource on the internet - and all free for our registered users.

If you like the look of the premium listings, and would be interested in adding your company to the high profile line-up, contact Chris Buckley for more information.

Meanwhile, if you've got any feedback about the directory or what you'd find useful in future updates in that area, please let us know directly .

PS - We're aware that the search functionality isn't optimal. It's on the list for an upgrade.