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iSWiFTER app allows iPad users to play Flash titles

YouWeb's cloud service finds a loophole in Apple's restrictions; iPhone and Android promised soon

A tool which enables iPad users to play Flash games via a remote streaming connection is available on the App Store, with functioning titles playable from Facebook, AOL, Yahoo and Kongregate.

iSWiFTER comes from the start up incubator YouWeb, which also helped OpenFeint and Crowd Star get off the ground.

The app circumvents the lack of Flash support from iOS systems with a method similar to cloud streaming services Onlive and Gaikai, Gamasutra reports.

The games ae played on remote machines then streamed as Apple-permitted video content to the iPad.

Currently, users are reporting heavy lag from the app, but creators have promised a full performance overhaul soon.

There are plans to roll our more support for the service in the near future, too - alongside versions of the app for other iOS devices, Android phones and the new Windows 7 mobile devices.

"We are targeting the much larger user base of casual and social gamers who want to consume gaming content on-the-go," said the app's creator's in a promotional video.

"As more mobile devices hit the market there is no reason why game developers should be locked out of the hottest handsets."

Apple recently updated its developer guidelines to allow apps ported to iOS format from third-party tools such as Flash.

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