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International Snooker

iPhone potting sim claiming to be the best on the iPhone.

London, 10th January 2009.

Big Head Games Ltd.

BHG are today pleased to announce the release of iPhone game International Snooker to the Apple store.

Compete with the world's best Snooker players for the International Gold Cup.

Compelling gameplay and ultra real 3d visuals make this the best cue based game on the app store.


Single and two player quick games Tournament mode with 8 rounds against the world's best, competing for a place on the podium and the coveted International Gold Cup. Super smooth and intuitive camera and cue control. Accurate power control, not 'swipe and hope'. Realistic ball physics including top, back and side spin. Play your own music or listen to the high quality sound fx and music. Ball path guide lines including object and cue ball paths enhance gameplay over it's rivals. Difficulty settings that truly make a difference. Stats page holds wins, losses, cup wins and highest breaks. Made for exclusively for iPhone International Snooker is in the app store now.


About BHG

Formed in 2008 by the three directors of 8bit Games Ltd., to focus directly on iPhone gaming.

During the 5 years of 8bit Games they created some 30+ mobile titles for the world´s largest publishers,

nominated for best handheld studio in the 2004 Develop awards.

In 2008 8bit and BHG developed Elefunk for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, an original game designed for the PS3 PSN.

Contact: Dave Vout, business@bigheadgames.co.uk

YouTube movie:



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Review copies to follow.

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