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Inroducing a Second New Race for Darkstar One

Label: Ascaron Entertainment

Developer: Ascaron Entertainment

Genre: Space Action

Release Date: Quarter 2, 2006

DarkStar One delivers fast-paced action within a vast and authentic universe. Experience spectacular graphics, freedom of choice, a gripping story and the power to save the federal galaxy from its nemesis!

Ascaron can now introduce a detailed background for the second of six races... The Mortok

Mor, home planet of the Mortok, is a world filled with extremes. Large volcanoes, roaring storms and scorching heat dominate the side of the planet that faces the sun; frozen oceans and eternal night rule on the other side. The Mortok's genesis claims that the God Xorom chose this world in order to test the strength of the people whom he had created. Alas, the result was not as he had anticipated: Xorom's people climbed the towering mountain of which he resided and killed him.

The history of the Mortok is as martial as its origin that lies in this legend. The inhabitants of the light and the dark sides of the planet were at war with each other for millennia, fighting over a small band of land that was situated between the two zones. This area was fertile and the climate was bearable. The ongoing war influenced the technology and the society of the Mortok who were divided into clans. Gunpowder and fire arms were invented long before any written language was developed. The Mortok also established a complex code of honor that defined the conduct of the Mortok in dealings with both comrades and enemies.

When they began to venture into space the conflict on the twilight planet finally subsided as a galaxy full of new worlds opened up before them. Soon they encountered other races during their explorations: first the eloquent Raptor, then the timid Arrack. The warring nature of the Mortok clans resulted in wars against these new races. However, the Mortok soon learned that their uncoordinated groups of warriors, who often harbored hostility towards each other, could not stand their ground against the Raptor. Even though the Raptor forces were disorganized and chaotic, the Mortok were hopelessly outnumbered and doomed to an overwhelming defeat. The lizard people conducted a devastating campaign, culminating in the occupation of Mor.

The Raptor began to exploit the planet: resources were depleted, the inhabitants were enslaved. The Mortok realized that their only chance to shake off their oppressors was to stand united. Fifty years passed before the charismatic mine worker Avarro succeeded in uniting the clans. He was the leader of a mine worker rebellion that fueled the fire of a world-wide uprising. Avarro united the clans behind him. They expelled the Raptor from the entire cluster and formed a planet-wide government under Avarro as leader of all clans. Under his leadership peace treaties were signed with the Raptor and the Arrack, and commerce agreements were negotiated and finalized with the Terrans and the Oc'to.

Finally, a period of prosperity and peaceful coexistence with other people dawned for the Mortok. However, the unity of the clans was superficial and brittle. Many envied Avarro and his successes; others feared that the Mortok were degenerating into a weak people due to the peaceful times. Tensions arose, conspiracies surfaced, and secretive pacts were made.

Barely fifteen years after his victory against the Raptor, Avarro was assassinated during a vacation in the twilight land.

The assassination of Avarro ignited a civil war which only ended when a new enemy began to threaten the Mortok. The Thul empire was rapidly expanding throughout the universe and the Thul were demonstrating an offensive interest in Mortok territories. With the memory of the Raptor invasion still vivid, the Mortok were united once more. They founded a Council of the Clans and confederated with the Arrack. The confederation, the Oc'to and the Terrans implemented sanctions against the Thul.

Unfortunately, the Oc'to and the Terrans did not abide by these agreements and continued to smuggle goods to the Thul. The deception was eventually brought to light when a Mortok patrol captured a Terran cruiser carrying smuggled goods. The cruiser was destroyed. A miscommunication was recorded in the Mortok mission log.

For most people this signified the beginning of the Great War. When it ended, the economically stricken Mortok threw their weight behind the foundation of a Galactic Council, banishing the immediate danger of a new war. However, with the lack of external threats against the general populace, internal disputes became apparent once again, feelings of discontent that still linger to the present day. The alliance of Mortok governments that spans many systems is unstable, with quarrels and assassination attempts occurring frequently.

The majority of the Mortok are not concerned about these incidents. They have left the conflicts of the clans behind. Many of them now roam the galaxy as mercenaries, pilots and pirates, and they are both infamous and in great demand. In a time of war they would fight unwaveringly for the Mortok cause - but until then they will continue with their own pursuits.


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