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Image Foundry forms dedicated games outsourcing company

Warthog Games founder joins new venture as VP; Redhound Studios acquired by new business

Image Foundry Studios are to form a dedicated games company to work on outsourced game artwork and animation.

The new company, Gaming Foundry, will be headed up by industry veterans John Harris, former CEO of Redhound Studios, and Eric Elms, co-founder of Warthog Games, and will be valuable to developers at a time when redundancies are being made, according to the team behind the venture.

"In the current climate with redundancies being announced throughout the industry, the benefits to the developer are phenomenal," said Image Foundry co-founder and director Anshul Kapoor. "We are now able to offer over 20 years experience, consistently high quality art assets and animation, on deadline, at price competitive rates and on an ad hoc basis."

The Manchester-based business will deploy Harris as art manager and Elms as VP of business development.

Harris comes with over 18 years in the games industry, and has worked on a number of franchises, including Lemmings and Wipe Out, while Elms co-founded Warthog Games in 1997.

Gaming Foundry has also acquired Redhound Studios as part of its strategy, a move which it says "strengthens the Gaming Foundry team and increases resources".

Harris said of the move: "This is great for Redhound - we're now part of a bigger team with a wide range of experience, Gaming Foundry offer a very high-end and competitive service for game developers, we'd been looking for the right move and are very excited about the future."

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