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I-mones Online

Development of creature-battling online game continuing apace - and here are profiles of the six monsters on offer.

I-mones online – is an original online game project, launched at 2007 by GFI, a Russian based Video Games Developer and its brand TurboGames®, specializing in casual and online games..

Based on an eccentric series of games, the online version puts together all the 6 characters.

By choosing one of them, the player can either fight against another I-mone(s), or fight with alien monsters.

I-mones online appeals to all levels, from the beginner to the more hardcore gamer. It is easy to play but hard to master so there are plenty of challenges along the way.

The I-mone story goes like that. A team of world scientists settles unites their efforts in creating creatures with magic powers and, as you guess, have a success.

But the new-born creatures are absolutely helpless and each need a baby-sitter and a private experienced coach, who would take care, help and direct his fosterling.

Alongside with our utterly pretty nurslings, the I-mone island is inhabited by angry creatures, who aim at hurting the residents. Your aim is to help your I-mone in charge fight the monsters.

You are free to choose one of six I-mones, only take into consideration their unique abilities – from physical characteristics and difference in nutrition to traits of character and ways of spending free time. To bring up a strong, easily-winning I-mone, you will have to take a good care: feed him, cure, train, lavish caress and attention.


An inborn hard-worker, which persistence can only be envied. The creature is utterly strong, and has outstanding physics, compared to other I-mones. Has no equal rivals in close fight.


The most balanced and poised of his co-brothers, Diver lives at peace with oneself and devotes his life to both intellectual and physical development and self-improvement. Calm and patient, he prefers to count on cold-blooded premeditation and correct tactics.


This creature is volcanic-hot-tempered. His aggressiveness shows itself by a bright halo of fire. In a flash of a moment he throws gerbs of fire at his enemies. ”He who is against us – will burn down to ashes!’ – is his motto.


A very peaceful creature, which hates all sorts of fights, though has a strong will for winning. Forced by circumstances, he is always eager to help his co-brothers and takes part in fights.


This electric I-mone easily plays with bunches of net energy and looks down on everyone. His strong point is feeling electric fluxes and operating them. His motto is: “Energy rules the world!”


Famous for his wisdom, he’s got in stock the main weapon – the power of intellect. Very cautious and careful, he most enjoys thinking over the fighting tactics. Many magicians and warriors had troubles trying to defeat him.

Fighting spirit, ambition, need for self-improvement through contesting, let alone unique abilities - all this united make I-mones ideal, relentless fighters, whose aim in life is non-stop training and fighting.

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