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Home platforms are segmenting multiplayer market - Capcom

With consoles unable to talk to each other, multiplatform titles aren't reaching their full multiplayer potential, argues Boyes

The potential for multiplayer gaming on consoles is currently hindered by the different home platforms, according to Adam Boyes, development director for Capcom USA.

Boyes believes that publishers are unable to reach a wider portion of gamers, with multiplatform titles not necessarily reaching their true multiplayer audience.

"For us it's about getting it to as many people as humanly possible. In an ideal world all the back ends would talk to each other so people could compete together and play together. Simply having a different platform segments the market for multiplayer," said Boyes in an exclusive interview published today.

Forthcoming XBLA, PSN and PC title Plunder is one of the new titles Capcom hopes to take to as many users as possible, and it's prepared to work with as many partners as necessary to reach them.

"With PC we're going across to all the different digital distribution and delivery companies and so again it's about reaching as many people as possible. When you choose one partner it segments the marketplace for us," offered Boyes.

And in order to reach as many players as possible, Capcom is looking at all developments in home consoles, with the company taking note of Sony's ambitious Home project and Microsoft's XNA-based Community Games for Xbox Live Arcade.

"Really I think the core goals that we have are to be able to deliver as much content to the user as we possibly can. And create a community around all of these products," he added.

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