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Harmonix lays off a "small number" of employees

The Rock Band and Fantasia developer lets go of an undisclosed number of employees

Rock Band, Dance Central, and Fantasia: Music Evolved developer Harmonix has laid off a "small number" of employees today. The layoffs first became apparent when audio project lead Dan Crislip tweeted that he had been laid off. The cuts reportedly extended to the studio's art department.

"Thanks Harmonix for the past six years. Yes, I was among those laid off today. It was a wild ride and I hope everyone keeps in touch!" Crislip tweeted.

"We can confirm that a small number of Harmonix employees were let go today," a Harmonix spokesperson later confirmed to Gamasutra. "This decision was made due to shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix's multiple future projects."

The spokesperson added that the studio has over 150 employees currently. Fantasia: Music Evolved is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in 2014.

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