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Handcase's PC line-up

PalmOS games range now available for "big" computers too.

The Handcase has just launched its games for PC. In a move apparently out of its focus, the mobility.

"In fact we think this much over the past two years, and not postpone because they seemed to make sense when we focus on the Handcase, ie we are a company focused exclusively on mobility. What motivated us was the declaration of the end of the system PalmOS. not wanted and not let him die, then someone pointed out the legions of gamers who came of platforms, which remains faithful. It was the reason we needed. " Say Ricardo Garay, CEO of Handcase.

Users of Palm and of course everyone always liked to see a Palm running, will play the games on their computers for PalmOS.

The Handcase developed a ROM to run on the Palm emulator. So just buy the games (as the emulator is free and also Rom) or place that already had bought in the emulator and play on your PC.

You can download the free emulator of the rom and freeware games and play. One way to test before you even buy the games. The games are mostly casual, but also provide the board, strategy, logic, brain games, cards and dices. Run on computers of all types of configuration, ie not require extra features like video accelerator card or a lot of memory, just the computer run windows. You install play.

The exclusive website, with all the information is www.handycase.com/hand-e

The Handcase advance even began working with MotionApps to the compatibility of their products, with the classic, the PalmOS emulator for WebOS. "Now it does not matter if PalmOS is over, we keep the flame alive." Garay concludes.


Handcase Brazilian industry mobile software centered in the Palm platform. With a catalog of 330 products it consolidated the position of bigger industry of software for Palm of the world and the second game developer for Palm.

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