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GTA IV: 926,000 copies sold in five days

Chart-Track has released finalised UK sales data showing that GTA IV sold a record 926,000 units in its first week

Chart-Track has released finalised UK sales data for Grand Theft Auto IV's launch date and first full week, showing sales of 926,000 units for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions combined.

Day one sales were 631,000 units. The first week sales were spread across five days. According to Chart-Track, GTA IV software revenue is bigger than the entire software market revenue of any week so far this year after the first week of 2008.

Chart-Track also reported that the first week of GTA IV software units has already surpassed all but the top three All Formats titles of 2007 - FIFA 08, Brain Training and Call of Duty 4.

514,000 copies were sold for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and 413,000 copies were sold for Sony's PlayStation 3 - a split of 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

Chart-Track is reporting that GTA IV's launch had almost the same effect on console hardware sales for both systems - with PS3 hardware sales up 127 per cent from the previous week and Xbox 360 hardware sales up 125 per cent.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which launched on 29 October 2004, sold 501,000 copies on its first day and 677,000 units during its first week - which consisted only of two days. At the time it was released, the PS2 had an installed base of approximately 6.6 million.

San Andreas still holds the day one and week one record for the individual format, but GTA IV is the new record holder for all formats.

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