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Today, experience the incredible vastness of this RPG with the official release of the Gothic 3 demo….

Liezen, Austria, 10th November, 2006; JoWooD Productions, Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes are pleased to announce the release of the Gothic 3 demo, which offers players the ability to travel through the Ardea, Reddock and Kap Dun where they will experience the incredible vastness of this RPG - and will be able to dip into the living real world.

On this adventure you get to learn about two of the three main factions in the game; the rebels and the orcs. You then get to choose your mission;

1) Impress the orcs by fighting in the arena

2) Complete several quests for the rebels in their fight against the orcs

3) Have fun!


You have saved the island of Khorinis from the forces of evil in Gothic I and Gothic II. Now it is time to travel to the realms of the mainland.

Invading Orcs have enslaved the human kingdom. There are but a few free humans in the icy north and the southern desert and a handful of rebels hiding in the forests and mountains of Midland.

You may either join the rebellion or serve the Orcish Usurpers but you will ultimately tip the scales and decide the outcome of the last war to save humanity. There is no simple linear story in Gothic III - every game will be different and unique - but all will ultimately lead to you deciding the fate of humankind.


Specially designed easy combat system

Clear main goals - story driven yet dictated by player's choice

Huge free-roaming world - virtually no boundaries

Advanced human behavior AI for hundreds of individual characters with full audio dialogues

Countless side-quests for the player to choose from

Over 50 different monsters and animals and dozens of human enemies

Over 50 different powerful spells and over a hundred different weapons

Unique class-free character development

Do not just link directly! Please download.


www.gothic3.com .

JoWooD Productions Software AG

Shares of the JoWooD Productions Software AG are traded at the Vienna stock exchange, JoWooD is one of the leading publishers of computer- and videogames. JoWooD develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software for all major existing and coming systems. JoWooD`s games are distributed in all territories by a worldwide net of distribution partners. Please visit the homepage www.jowood.com for further information.

Pluto 13 GmbH/Piranha Bytes

Pluto 13 GmbH is based in Essen/Germany and noted for their label "Piranha Bytes". Founded in 1997 the team has become known internationally for their roleplaying games "Gothic", "Gothic 2" and "Gothic 2 - Night of the Raven". Currently they are working on "Gothic 3". For further information please visit www.piranha-bytes.com and www.gothic3.com.

About Deep Silver

Deep Silver is KOCH Media's Premium Games Label. It was established in 2002 with the goal of publishing games for gamers. From FPS and Simulations to MMO, Deep Silver offers anything and everything that a gamer's heart desires. Deep Silver published Singles ®, X2 - The Threat ®, Scrapland ®and many more games. For more information visit http://www.deepsilver.com

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