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Glitch's Moonrise Fund backs first three studios

Virtuoso Neomedia, Future Club and Perfect Garbage named as the "starter studios" of the early stage fund

Indie-focused fund Moonrise Fund has announced the first wave of studios it's backing.

In a series of tweets, the company named Virtuoso Neomedia, Future Club and Perfect Garbage as its "starter studios" for its early stage fund.

Virtuoso Neomedia was founded by developer Ethan Redd and is currently working on dogfighter Zodiac XX, with Redd saying: "Through mechanical, fun-forward design I work to create expressive structures that are as soulful as they are fun."

Future Club is a studio that was created in September 2020 by a team of 15 former Skullgirls and Lab Zero developers. CEO and producer Francesca Esquenazi participated in a panel at Game Devs of Color Expo this October, about the studio being a worker cooperative.

In a joint statement with creative director Mariel Kinuko Cartwright about Moonrise Fund's backing, Esquenazi said: "One of our top priorities was to preserve our worker-owned, cooperative business structure."

Finally, Perfect Garbage is a narrative-driven studio currently working on visual novel Love Shore. In a joint statement, narrative director Emmett Nahil and studio director Son M said: "Our philosophy is to incorporate unique, enthralling narrative into beloved game genres to create new ways to play."

Moonrise Fund was announced in January by founder and CEO of Glitch Evva Karr. talked to them at the time, discussing their desire to build a fund to support developers "thinking differently about play."

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