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Ghostbusters: The Game topped $15 million dev costs

US newspaper reveals price of bringing the Ghostbusters franchise to home consoles

Development costs for Ghostbusters: The Game totalled between USD 15 million and USD 20 million, according to a US newspaper.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported the figure, according to Kotaku, as part of a profile on Terminal Reality. Last month, actor Dan Aykroyd told If magazine the game did indeed accrue a high budget, saying: "I know they spent a lot of money on this game like USD 12 million or USD 15 million - and that’s a nice budget to do a great game."

Originally set to be published by Vivendi, the game was bought up by Atari when its publisher merged with Activision. Subsequently, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe signed a deal to publish the PlayStation SKU of the game across PAL territories. Upon its release in the UK last month, the game entered the all-formats chart at number four.

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