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Genshin Impact publisher takes legal action against leakers

New court subpoenas seek the identities of Twitter account users that have shared then-unreleased details about the RPG

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Cognosphere, a subsidiary of MiHoYo and publisher of Genshin Impact, has taken legal action against leakers of its RPG.

As reported by Axios, a Californian court's subpoenas seek the names, IP addresses, and phone numbers of the Twitter account users Merlin Impact, Genshin World, and XWides.

The accounts have shared information of then-unreleased content for Genshin Impact, which Axios notes may have been secured from test builds of the title.

The move comes a month after Cognosphere has been legally active against information leaks for the RPG.

In January, TorrentFreak reported that the firm filed multiple DMCA subpoenas against other groups and individuals involved with revealing undisclosed details about Genshin Impact.

Cognosphere hasn't been alone among gaming companies taking legal action against leakers.

In 2019, Epic Games fired a tester for leaking details about Fortnite's Chapter 2 ahead of its release. The firm said he violated his non-disclosure agreement and wanted unspecified damages of over $85,000.

The Pokémon Company settled a lawsuit in 2021 against individuals who had leaked Pokémon Sword and Shield before its release in 2019. The two defendants had to pay $150,000 each in damages and attorneys' fees.

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