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GC Asia 2008

Industry panel convened to shape this year's show.

GC Asia

GC Asia Conference (GCAC)

Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre Singapore

(September 18-20, 2008)

SINGAPORE, 24 July, 2008 – Leipziger Messe International Asia, the organizer of Games Convention Asia, today held a media conference led by Joerg Zeissig, Managing Director, Leipziger Messe International (LMI) Asia Pte Ltd, and moderated by Greg Unsworth, Asia-Pacific Technology Industry Leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Zeissig and Unsworth were joined by games industry representatives who discussed the topic, “Opportunities for the Videogame and Interactive Digital Entertainment Industry in Asia Pacific – Focus on Integrated Multiplayer Gameplay.”

Participating panelists included

- Feargus Carroll, Project Lead of Games Division of Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

- Phil Elliott, Editor of GamesIndustry.biz

- Allan Simonsen, Coordinator, Singapore Chapter of the International Games Developers Association (IGDA)

- Aroon Tan, President of Game Exchange Alliance (GXA), Managing Director/Co-founder of Interactive Digital Dreams and Magma Studios

- Christopher Thompson, Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Arts (EA) Asia Pacific

Games Convention Asia 2008, will be held 18-20 September, 2008 at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore. This year’s theme for the convention is “Inspire Yourself”. The inaugural edition last year drew more than 70,000 public visitors and this year’s event is expected to draw even more attendees from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America.

With the onset of faster and more wired technology, video game developers have noticed an increasing demand for multiplayer gaming experiences. Conservatively considered a key feature of PC gaming, multiplayer is currently present in most games on the market and multiplayer online games are seeing the highest growth rate of all gaming products.

The panelists foresee growth in Asia-Pacific’s future digital interactive and entertainment industry, specifically the multiplayer gameplay aspect, as well as other areas of digital interactive entertainment such as education, training, sports, marketing and home entertainment.

According to PwC’s annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2008-2012, in 2007, the consumer trend in Asia Pacific shows that the region is still the largest market for video games with $14.8 billion in revenues, and this figure is expected to grow to $25.3 billion by 2012. Comparing across the regions, the Europe and Asia-Pacific market will both grow at 11.3%, whereas the US will grow at lower rate of 7.6%.

"Asia Pacific is currently the largest market for the video game industry and we are expecting broadband proliferation and mobility to continue to drive tremendous growth in the region. Gamers will increasingly take up multiplayer online options and such developments will provide the opportunity for new business models and additional revenue streams for the industry," stated Greg Unsworth of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“We believe that Singapore is the gateway to the booming Asia-Pacific’s video game market since the game industry is strongly represented in the city-state with major players from all over the world having their regional headquarters here”, said Joerg Zeissig, Managing Director of LMI Asia.

Games Convention Asia (GCA), held alongside GC Asia Conference (GCAC), is the only convention in the Asia-Pacific region for interactive entertainment, infotainment, edutainment, hardware and technology. GCA and GCAC offer the international development scene a unique forum for networking and business opportunities.

Quotes from GCA Media Conference panelists:

Feargus Carroll, Project Lead of Games Division of Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

“Since we established our first studio that operates outside the US three years ago, we have witnessed significant growth of the game industry in this region, thanks to the Singapore government’s support. Schools have helped fuel the industry as well, introducing courses that will train students in the creative fields.”

Phil Elliott, Editor of GamesIndustry.biz

"The Asia-Pacific region is on the minds of a lot of people in the industry right now, and it's going to be particularly exciting to see how the business there will evolve. I think that Games Convention Asia is a great event to watch that transition firsthand, and get to know the people actually at the forefront of it."

Allan Simonsen, Coordinator of Singapore Chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

"GCAC is a great chance for developers from across the world to come together to learn, connect, and explore the trends of the Asian Game Development Community."

Aroon Tan, President of Games Exchange Alliance (GXA), Managing Director / Co-founder of Interactive Digital Dreams and Magma Studios

“Just as the Games Exchange Alliance’s role is to be the gateway for the video game industry across Asia, GCA is definitely a key partner to our mission and cause.”

Christopher Thompson, Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts Asia Pacific

“Games Convention Asia will bring us closer to our customers where they can try out new games and be in touch with some of the key people behind their favourite games. Meanwhile, the conference is the perfect platform where game industry professionals in Asia-Pacific can exchange knowledge and experience with their peers.”

About Games Convention Asia/GC Asia Conference

Games Convention Asia (GCA) is the "Digital Media Gateway of Asia." Described as the only event in the Asia-Pacific region enabling the interactive entertainment and digital media industries to network and interact with publishers, developers, distributors and corporate clients while showcasing their latest products and services to the public, GCA serves as the platform for Asian publishers, developers and distributors to present their work on an international level. The conference also acts as an entryway for companies seeking to enter the Asian interactive entertainment market. GC Asia and GC Asia Conference on the internet: www.gc-asia.sg

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