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Gay news site slams "misinformed" Games Radar article

Consumer gaming website Games Radar has come under fire from UK for publishing an article "outing" five game characters.

Consumer gaming website Games Radar has come under fire from UK for publishing an article "outing" five game characters.

The article, which is titled 'Are they gay?', begins by noting that God of War's Kratos "'accidentally' killed his wife and daughter. Which probably means he's got a grudge against women. Or something".

It goes on to suggest that Gears of War's Marcus Fenix, Bully's Jimmy Hopkins, Dead Rising's Frank West and Vaan from Final Fantasy XII also "show signs of covert - and not so covert - campness".

Speaking to Hassan Mirza, news editor for, said, "While it's reassuring to know that gamers are interested in the sexual orientation of digital superheroes, Matt Cundy's 'Are they gay?' article relies on a series of juvenile stereotypes and clichîs.

"I can't imagine any homophobic intentions, but it can be dangerous to suggest that looking "camp" means gay, or worse, that gay men hold violent grudges against women. It's a completely misinformed suggestion."

Mirza also criticised the part of the article which states: "[Frank West] enjoys dressing in woman's clothes. And children's clothes. Probably not gay per se, but definitely a bit kinky and not one to shy away from carnal 'experimentation'."

According to Mirza, "Cundy's facetious tone, dismissive of an impressionable audience, justifies making jokes about the LGBT community."

The Games Radar article has been featured on gay news site, which poses the question, "What is the point of "outing" characters? Is this yet another bunch of childish "str8" boys laughing at gay people?"

Speaking to, online editor Tony Grew said he was not offended by the piece but did question its objectives.

"I didn't really know what to make of it. I know a lot of gay people play games and feel they're under-represented, and it's interesting that the macho world of games is taking this kind of approach," he observed.

"I'm not insulted by it, but I would question what it's trying to achieve. It will be interesting to see what our readers think of it."

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